We offer different types of classes for different people. Here are our structures


We will first teach you the skills and the knowledge necessary to keep in control of the car, thereafter your progress will develop through stages of planned lessons that suit your requirement, eventually your road awareness will develop to high standard enough to keep you safe in today's busy, congested roads, then it will be the time to book your practical test, during the waiting time you will undertake some mock test carried on by your instructor, the mock test will give you an idea on what would possibly go wrong on the test, so when the real test arrives you have the necessary skills and experience to pass the test.

Half Experienced

We will assess your driving see what level you are on,starting you from there through different stages with well designed tuition programme that will help you making quick progress through the last stage, which will involve mock tests,in order gain experience on how the test is carried on, so you can deal with the real test with confidence.


Whether you are an international licence holder, someone who just failed the test recently and decided to join ways2pass, we will assess your driving in different road internment to scan your driving skills. We will identify driving faults,correct them also adding any knowledge necessary or introducing simpler way, the next stage will be mock test to see how would you perform and learn from mistakes, so when the real test arrives you are confident about your driving.

Intensive course

This will involve the above tuition structures just packed into a small period of time.



I pass the first time even the examiner said the not only a pass but pleasant drive this is all thanks to kami.best of luck for everyone.


My instructor went on holiday so I had to look for new one I called kami actually he made me drive better he said I need the extra factor I passed first time thing happened for a reason ha ha.