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Ways 2 Save



MANUAL: £ 23 per hour

AUTOMATIC: £ 24 per hour

Block Lessons

  • Manual 10 hours: £ 220

  • Automatic 10 hours: £ 225

Pay as you go options

  • Manual 1 hour: £23
  • Manual 2 hours: £45

  • Automatic 1 hour £24
  • Automatic 2 hours £45

  • Test fee: £70 including one hour lesson and insurance/hiring the car



    I have changed two instructors before Kami because they were not patients enough also they used to take me to roads that were above my level. With kami he assessed my driving and he knew exactly how to select a road that suitable for my level he would introduce difficult junctions every now and then but he give me a lot of help,I did built up my confidence quickly and I started to look forward for the next lesson.


    I had some experience when I started with kami I remember I used to struggle a lot with the roundabout but kami he break it down to three part approaching the roundabout the inside then exit the roundabout I found it very useful step to deal with it gradually I managed to do it without having to think much.