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For personal circumstances I was in dire need to drive. I contacted Kam after I read all the good review from his previous customer, he advised me to take automatic driving because it will be easier and quicker since I needed to learn in short time. Kam was very patient and he knew how to motivate me and give me encouragement. He explained things in different ways, he is a nice man and I think if he was able to get me through this at my age of 59, he can help any one learn to drive.


Bobby had some driving experience. He took assessment lesson with another driving school first and was quoted 20 hours. Booby then tried assessment lesson with us we quoted him 10 hours!!! He finished the course with 9 hours only. He saved about £250 !!!

Mo's story

The first time I met Kamel I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. As the weeks commenced we struck up a good friendship as he explained everything very clearly, breaking things down to make it easier to understand especially with the manoeuvres, where he taught me simple yet effective tricks to do them perfectly every time.


I am a married women with three children to look after, with the daily hectic life, I thought I will never be able to learn to drive, my friend kept talking about how she enjoyed the challenges of the driving, until i felt i want to try too, she gave me kam's number, when i called him up he seemed genuinely friendly, he said that at the beginning you will take small steps and then gradually you see yourself making big steps through your driving progress. When i used to stress out about not being able to do something correct, he used to say as long as you keep trying will come, don't rush it. Driving before seems impossible, but now i can't do without it. Driving my kids to school and commute between friend and shopping have more fun.


My two cousins passed with kam the first time, so going to the test was big challenge as i didn't want to be the only one who failed in the family, i had my test in august at hendon test centre, i was relieve seen myself made it, also i was even happier to realise that i have made it with less hours of training than my cousins.


Kam was my third instructor, when i started with him, i had a test booked already, and small budget on hand, therefore kam arranged some sessions during less busy roads, he said "like that we don't have to waste much time", my clutch control wasn't great, i used to do thing in one way only, like i have been instructed by previous instructors, in fact kam showed me different ways and i had to choose the one that i am more comfortable with. On the test i was surprised to hear the examiner compliment me about my clutch control.


I started with Kam from the very beginning. Then I didn't know even how to name the foot pedals. Kam was patient with me and his explanation was very clear, I felt very motivated during the course especially the last part when i was taking some mock test,which helped me a lot on passing the real test the first time, I definitely recommend ways to pass.


I have changed two instructors before Kami because they were not patients enough also they used to take me to roads that were above my level. With kami he assessed my driving and he knew exactly how to select a road that suitable for my level he would introduce difficult junctions every now and then but he give me a lot of help,I did built up my confidence quickly and I started to look forward for the next lesson. .


I had some experience when I started with kami I remember I used to struggle a lot with the roundabout but kami he break it down to three part approaching the roundabout the inside then exit the roundabout I found it very useful step to deal with it gradually I managed to do it without having to think much..


I started with kami from the beginning he is good instructor an honest you must try for yourself to see..


I have about 5 friends passed with kami for me was first choice I jut had to follow his advice.i pass first time at mill hill test centre.


I failed the first time with my previous instructor because he didn't take me through the test routes so when I called kami he assured me that he knows all the test routes and he did his very experienced.



My friend passed with kami before myself I decided to go automatic because I need it to learn quick for my new job I passed first time. Good driving school.


Kami helped me a lot to learn to drive he breaks things to small parts and achievable goals which made me gaining a lot of confidence I am so happy I passed.